Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, USA!

For the past two years the 4th of July has been in the middle of a PCS. Last year at Leavenworth we didn't even make it to the firework show because it was pouring rain. This year, Geoff has to pull duty at the Airborne school from 7p-9p on the evening of the 2nd (which is when Benning did their fireworks) so I wasn't sure we would get to go or not. Luckily Geoff's duty wasn't far from the field where all the activities were so we decided to go and Geoff would just meet up with Andrew and I later on. But it was just our luck that it would rain again, except this time Andrew and I really had no where to go because Geoff had the truck with him. So I ducked into the nearest tent I could find and threw the picnic blanket over the wagon so we could stay as dry as possible. By the time it stopped raining, I was soaked but Andrew had not a drop on him. After finally drying out and meeting back up with Geoff, we were able to enjoy some fabulous fireworks.

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