Monday, June 16, 2008

Mr. Independent

Now that Andrew is better at walking, he wants to go everywhere by himself. He has no need for mommy anymore. The other day at Wal Mart he threw quite the little fit because I wouldn't let him wander about on his own. He loves to explore new places to see what kind of interesting things he can find.

He also likes to climb. He can now climb on the couches on his own. He decided to give the whole gravity theory a test this past weekend and he launched over the side of the couch and then bounced off the end table. He was fine after a few minutes and ready to get right back and try it again.
He also has 6 teeth now and more coming soon. They have been bothering him a little bit lately, but not too bad.

I wish I had more pictures to post, but I haven't taken any lately. I'll try to be better about taking more pictures. This one is of Andrew trying out the recliner at home.


The Spears Family said...

Kensleigh is the same way about walking! I like to call it her "Ms Defient" (sp?) stage! I told Jason that although I don't like the little Monkey leases that people put on their kids, I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY! LOL Glad to see you guys are doing well! Take care!

Cate said...

Brady is also all about climbing up on the furniture, but getting down is quite another story. He thinks he can just step off the edge of the chair and land on his feet...