Sunday, March 2, 2008

Remind me again, why do we buy toys?

Andrew has plenty of toys. He has toys that he can use to walk around with among a wide variety of other entertaining options. Andrew instead prefers to busy himself with almost anything else. For example, instead of using his little push cart to get around, he pushes the kitchen chair all over the first floor. He goes from the kitchen to the dining room, and then gets stuck as soon as the carpet starts and tries to come back.

Andrew also really likes the dishwasher. He climbs up on it if I ever leave it down and he likes to try and pull all the silverware out of the little tray.

Andrew also decided that he likes to play with Pepper's favorite doggie toy. So they have little battles between the two of them although Pepper usually gives up pretty fast. Maybe one day Andrew will notice the giant pile of baby toys that he has to play with. I guess until then I will just have to go looking for a chair if I want to sit at the kitchen table.


Amy said...

So Andrew wants a dishwasher to play with for his birthday? :-)
Thanks for the new pictures~ Aunt Amy

Cate said...

Andrew is SO cute! He looks like he's always trying to find something to get into! (Reminds me of someone else I know...)