Thursday, January 10, 2008

The New Do

I decided it was time for a little change. I had planned on doing this before Christmas, but I didn't get it done before I left. So, yesterday while Andrew was at daycare, I went and got a hair cut. It is a little (ok, a lot) shorter than I had originally planned, but I like it so it all worked out.


Anonymous said...

looks great, shapes your face wonderfully~and looks like it "keeps" easy...Lord only knows that new working moms need that!!!
Take Care!
Erica Lynn
PS: hope your new job and Andrew's daycare go well!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I've got a smoking hot wife! I miss you and Andrew.

Love always,

Jen & Justin said...

It's darling! I love your new look. Short hair is so much fun and always made me more flirty.

Rebekah B said...

So trendy and fun! Short hair is so much better when you have little ones... harder for them to grab a handful of it, AND you can look fabulous in less time!

Cate said...

What a hottie!